4 reconstruction plans for Fukushima

Decontamination Solar Project

Underground strategy

Construction of protecting dam with breakwater

Recommend breakwater instead of water shielding wall that is planned to stop leakage from land to sea, recognizing contaminated soil inside of bay is open to sea. The idea is short construction period, cost saving,better shielding efficiency
due to short shielding line. Contaminated water 200K tons is planned to treat
upto 2020. The idea is not necessary to have new water treatment facility by
using established facility in Niigata. Quick elimination of the water warranties
quick access to lower part of vessels and cost saving .

Shortest way to reach melted fuel is accessing from under.@Radiation is protected by rock so construction is safe and quick. Not necessary for water filling and reinforcement of pressure/storage vessel. Therefore construction period is short and cost saving. Should use our tunneling technology that is edge of the world.

Decontamination work and solar generation are integrated in one project, and diminishing negative decontamination effort is transfering into positive natural energy smoothly. It is challenging project that makes Japanese energy consortium healthy, and let volunteer work safely and organizingly.
Finally Fukushima reconstruction will be completed and tie Japanese nation in one solid state.

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Set a bridge over the building

Urgently propose a method for taking out fuel rods from the pool, due to falling down and cracking of No.4@unit building which is leaning and could collapse with next strong earthquake.
This method is quicker and safer than conventional huge cantilever type lift and cantilever building with overhead crane that is proposed recently. Because trolly moves horizontal bridge portal with hydraulic operation system@which is tough against radiation.
The bridge method can be applied to all units.